TELC Certificate exams in EUES 

TELC Certificate exams in EUES 

You are new in German and you must pass the telc test for your work or residence permit?

Moving and settling into a new country can be though, especially because some things seem very confusing at first sight. However, the telc test doesn’t have to be one of them.

I`m here to bring you clarity to the topic telc test and most importantly to answer all your questions.

So let’s get right into it. You might have been wondering all along…

What is telc…?

Telc is short for The European Language Certificate. It is a standardized test that proves your language level. The word “standardized” is important here, it means that no matter where you take the test, the questions will be the same. This makes the test fair, transparent and reliable. 

… and why do I need it?

Basically, you need it as an official prove for every matter that requires a certain level of German skills, for example:

  • Integration and residence permits (A1, A2, B1)
  • Work permits (A1, A2, B1-B2)
  • Swiss passport (B1)
  • University admission (C1)
  • Recognition of foreign diplomas (B2 / C1)

And here’s the best part

Where is telc officially recognized?

The test is officially recognized in all German speaking countries (Switzerland, Germany, Austria). It is highly regarded by companies, government authorities, schools, and universities.

 Now let’s dive a little deeper into the exam structure

What is the structure of the test?

Depending on which language level you are taking the exam, the structure will differ. The tables below will give you more details on your language level.

A1 test structure

Telc test structure A1

A2 test structure

Telc test structure A2

B1 test structure

Telc test structure B1

B2 test structure

C1 test structure

Telc test structure C1

C2 test structure

Feeling ready for the exam!?

Then it’s time to take action.

Where can I take the telc test?

The following language schools in EUES are certified to administer telc exams.

EUES is honored to be the unit entrusted by a strategic partner with the mission of organizing the TELC exam in Vietnam

After a long period of preparation and passing rigorous and rigorous capacity assessment tests, EUES is officially the unit entrusted by the strategic partner in Germany with the mission of organizing the TELC capacity assessment exam. in Viet Nam.

Thus, EUES would like to respectfully announce that there will be an additional EUES Academy under EUES Group – a specialized unit in organizing the TELC certification exam.

This recognition not only marks an important step forward in the development path of EUES in the coming time, but also affirms the quality and capacity of EUES to organize German language teaching and training, where students Students trust in getting a Telc certificate – a German language certificate recognized by the German embassy as equivalent to Goethe and eligible to apply for a visa for all purposes such as vocational training, study abroad, Au Pair. , reunion…. 

When does the telc test take place?

Telc examination centers can set examination dates individually. To check examinations dates and register for the exam you must contact a telc examination center of your choice (see the list above).

How much does the telc test cost?

The price for the telc test is set by the telc examination centers individually and can therefore vary. Check out the table below to see the price range.