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The island of Malta is an ideal place to invest, work and live, specifically:

  • The island nation of Malta is a member of the European Union
  • Use English as official language
  • Reasonable tax policy

Also, if you want to start a business, do business with low tax rates or retire in a warm climate, then Malta promises to be a great destination. come worth considering.

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Malta is located 80 km south of Italy, 284 km east of Tunisia, and 333 km north of Libya. Malta’s location in the heart of the Mediterranean Sea is ideal for accessing important airports around Europe. Below are the estimated flight times from Malta International Airport to a few major European hubs:

  • London = 3 hours and 10 minutes
  • Paris = 2 hours and 40 minutes
  • Barcelona = 2 hours and 10 minutes
  • Rome = 1 hour 25 minutes

Malta’s abundant sunshine makes it a world-class tourist destination. With the steady temperature of the Mediterranean Sea, Malta’s climate is ideal for year-round outdoor activities.

Average temperatures in Malta are around 9°C on average (January low) and high 31°C in July The islands in Malta receive more than 3,000 hours of sunshine per year , compared with almost 1,500 hours in London and about 1,700 in Berlin. The average annual rainfall is about 550 mm, most of which occurs in the winter months.


From 2014 to 2016, Malta was the fastest growing economy in the euro area, growing by more than 4.5% per year. In 2018, gross domestic product (GDP) is expected to grow at 5.4%. The country weathered the 2009 recession thanks to a robust banking sector and low debt-to-GDP ratio.

Due to the size and population density of the islands, the economy is increasingly focused on services. The service industries with the strongest growth are travel, finance and online games. In 2017, the unemployment rate was as low as 4.4% and the inflation rate was 1.3%. GDP per capita (PPP), or the market value of all goods and services produced in Malta divided by population, is around €36,000.

Currency and taxes

Malta’s healthcare system is nearly universal and organized at the national level. About 65% of Malta’s total health spending is financed by general taxation. The remaining 35% comes mainly from out-of-pocket and voluntary health insurance.

Malta spent 9.75% of GDP on healthcare in 2014, higher than the EU average of 9.45%. The country has about four doctors for every 1,000 inhabitants – on par with Germany, Sweden and Spain. European Union citizens visiting the country are covered under the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC). However, non-EU nationals will need to purchase health insurance before applying for residency in Malta.


Malta uses the euro as its official currency. The islands joined the eurozone in 2008. Settlement Malta ,The country’s tax structure is designed to attract high net worth individuals in strategic industries, especially finance, games and aviation.

A flat tax rate of 15% may be applied to qualified individuals earning between 85,000 Euro and 5,000,000 Euro a year. Any income above this amount is tax free. The Malta Global Residence and Settlement Program was also created to encourage individuals from non-EU countries to move to the islands.

Under this scheme, income from foreign sources remitted to Malta is taxed at 15%. However, the person must meet certain criteria, including a real estate purchase of at least €220,000. The corporate tax rate for Malta-based companies is 35% on all worldwide income. However, after the dividend is paid out, shareholders can claim a tax refund to avoid double taxation.

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Malta has been a popular destination for foreigners who want to settle in a new country.

Malta possesses natural beauty with its charming Mediterranean landscape, unique architecture and is a bustling place with cultural events, entertainment, nightlife. In addition, many are also attracted to other successful industries that are flourishing in Malta such as the gaming and financial services industry.

Malta residence – Family settlement right for all 4 generations

Unlike other countries, it takes a while to live when settling down to meet the conditions of sponsoring relatives to live together; With the Malta settlement, families of all 4 generations are allowed to immigrate under the program. Malta is also the only country that allows four generations of families to immigrate together.

Immigrating to Malta – The ideal land for business

Malta is ideal for business for the following reasons:

  • Stable business environment, low risk of political or financial instability
  • Malta uses Euros (since 2008)
  • As a tax haven country, especially for International companies will benefit from various tax refund schemes .
  • Maltanese business law always has preferential policies for foreign investors such as: No double tax, 50 discount % tax for equipment, machinery and factories, 20% tax reduction for buildings, incentives for small and medium enterprises, policies to support business development…
  • Several taxes are domained in Malta: Inheritance tax, net wealth tax, estate tax and gift tax.
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Immigrating to Malta – The education system meets British education standards

The island nation of Malta has a first-class education by British standards. Maltese education emphasizes social skills and independence, helping to exploit and develop children’s potential.

The Maltese education system has a 4-stage roadmap and is taught in two languages ​​(English and local languages):< /p>

  • Preschool (3-5 years old)
  • Elementary (5-11 years old)
  • High School (11-18 years old)
  • College (after 18)

Besides, public education in Malta will support expenses (tuition, books, school supplies, shuttle bus…) to As long as the investor lives and works in Malta and pays full taxes, your child will be entitled to an education policy that is supported by the government as a local.

For post-secondary education (including college college, university) The cost will range from 3000-6000 Euro/year, along with the best teaching quality and facilities. In addition, diplomas from universities in Malta are recognized worldwide.

Immigrating to Malta – Health care system recognized by WHO as meeting world standards

Malta is rated by WHO as having the 5th highest health care service in the world.

The health system in Malta is extensive, including public and private hospitals. The public hospital offers free medical services to all Maltese and EU citizens registered for the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC).

In addition, private hospitals in Malta also provide high-quality diagnostic and laboratory services to surgery and treatment. However, private hospital costs are not covered by public insurance. Around 65% of Malta’s total health spending is financed by taxes, with the remaining 35% coming mainly from out-of-pocket and voluntary health insurance.

In 2014, Malta spent 9.75% of GDP on healthcare, higher than the EU average of 9.45%. The country has about 4 doctors for every 1,000 inhabitants – on par with Germany, Sweden and Spain.

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Immigrating to Malta – The path to global citizenship

Malta has been a member of the European Union since 2004 and a member of the Schengen area since 2007. Thus, when it became Maltese citizens, you and your family have the right to freely travel, study, live and work in any EU country.

The Maltese passport is among the top powerful passports in the world, visa-free to more than 166 countries around the world including: France, Italy, Germany, Australia, Switzerland, USA, Canada,…

The condition for maintaining a Malta visa is also very simple, just entering Malta to get fingerprints. The whole process to own a global citizenship is very quick, only 6-8 months.


Today, many investors are looking to the Malta immigration program because of Malta’s potential for long-term settlement, investment and living. words as well as the quick and simple application process.

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  • Malta has been a member of the EU since 2004 and a member of the Schengen area since 2007
  • Malta has a developed economy and has one of the best banks in the world
  • Malta has a stable political situation, good security
  • Maltanese residents are exempt from visas to 166 countries around the world including: France, Italy, Germany, Australia, Switzerland…
  • High GDP per capita, developed service industries create many favorable jobs for foreigners
  • Malta has an ideal tax policy for investors
  • Investing in Malta requires a low investment. Fast processing time for immigration documents
  • Maltanese immigration investment does not require language, education or management experience
  • Malta does not require citizenship application
  • After 5 years residency the investor can apply for Maltese citizenship
  • Malta has a favorable, warm climate, with up to 300 sunny days a year, winter temperatures down to no more than 10 degrees< /span>
  • Malta’s education system is similar to that of England, the quality is highly appreciated
  • Malta has a modern healthcare system that is among the best in the world
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MALTA INVESTMENT IN 2022 (Malta Permanent Residence Program-MPRP)

Malta Investment is a popular investment program in Europe, mainly because it has benefited investors in the long run .

Malta always creates favorable conditions for foreign investors seeking to settle in Malta. Therefore, for foreign investors seeking to settle in Malta, the Maltese government offers the latest Malta Immigrant Investor Program 2022. .

The new program is the Malta Permanent Residence Program (MPRP) introduced in March 2021.

This new program provides a safe Malta immigration route with a much changed application process compared to the previous program (Programme Malta Residence and Visa Program (MRVP)).


Malta has always been a formidable competitor in the European region for its attractiveness to foreign investors. Accordingly, some competitive advantages of the Malta MPRP Immigrant Investor Program include:

  • Permanent residency status is not lost even if the person has not resided in Malta for any year
  • Quick processing time, only after 6-8 months as committed by the Government of Malta, investors will have Permanent residency for the whole family
  • No need to buy property, can be replaced with rental property
  • Children maintain PR status when they become adults
  • English is the official language in Malta
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Tre Em Hoc Tap

Can work and study in EU countries

  • As Malta is part of the EU, Investors and their families have the same rights to live and study throughout UE as other Maltese residents
  • Free public education for children of investors (tuition, transportation, learning materials) to finished high school
  • Investors have the opportunity to establish a business after receiving Maltese citizenship

Visa Free Travel to 180 Countries, Including USA

Malta owns a powerful Visa, so investing in Malta allows investors to travel freely. within the EU and Schengen area without a visa. In addition, you can travel to over 100 other countries without a Visa, including the United States.

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Quality life for family

Malta allows investors and their families to immigrate at the same time. Your family can enjoy the benefits of Malta’s social welfare, healthcare system, high-quality education, and climate. pleasant, beautiful landscape of this country.

He Thong Y Te

Right to health care when settling in Malta

Malta has a health care system rated 5th globally by WHO. In addition, public health services are financed by health insurance and taxes. Medical services covered by health insurance are hospitalization, prescriptions, pregnancy, childbirth, and specialty treatments.

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Owner of MALTA Nationality TODAY

Owning Maltese citizenship by investment allows entrepreneurs, investors to obtain residency or citizenship in a new jurisdiction by making an eligible investment under the Malta citizenship by investment and immigration programs.

Investments in Malta can be in the form of real estate purchases, direct funds to the government of the jurisdiction or any investment which is approved. Investors can take advantage of the freedom of movement to invest in a variety of investments.

The Malta Citizenship by Investment Program is considered one of the most popular investment programs in Europe. The government’s goal is to attract foreign investment and business expertise to the country. Malta’s previous Citizenship by Investment program reached its limit of 1,800 applications, this program has officially closed and the new program was introduced in November 2020.

The new Malta settlement program provides a safe EU migration route to citizenship for all individuals and families contribute to the economic development of Malta. This is a fast, simple and effective program. After obtaining Maltese citizenship and passport, investors can set up businesses in this country and enjoy visa-free travel to more than 185 countries around the world including the United States.

There are many benefits to earning a visa or passport to a new country through investment. Malta has proven to be one such place. This beautiful country is the gateway to global markets and a great place to live & profitable investment.

Cong Hoa Malta


Malta has been and is an ideal settlement destination for many people. Some people want to retire here, or simply want to breed in a country with favorable living conditions. Others choose Malta for its myriad of business advantages. The following benefits can tell you why so many entrepreneurs and investors have settled in Malta in recent years.

Ho Chieu Malta

Freedom of movement

  • Investors and families can acquire Maltese citizenship and travel, reside and work freely in the European Union EU
  • Maltanese passport holders do not require a visa to travel within the EU and can also travel to many non-EU countries
  • Maltanese residents enjoy visa-free Schengen travel up to 90 days in a 6-month period
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Freedom of service

Maltanese citizens or persons who intend to open a company through settling in Malta have the right to provide services within EU member states

Dau Tu Thong Minh

Right to free movement of capital

With a Maltese passport, investors can transfer money between EU member states, buy properties in any EU country and invest in any type of business

Dinh Cu Malta

Friendly Blockchain Technology

Malta is the premier destination for blockchain projects, such as cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tether) , Litecoin,…)

Government regulatory framework covering ICOs (all tokens), exchanges and licensing Cryptocurrency translation, asset management, VFA services and similar blockchain technology endeavors thus making Malta one of the world’s friendliest jurisdictions for the sector

Dinh Cu Malta


The process of granting Malta citizenship by investment is divided into 4 stages as follows:

Get a residence card when settling in Malta

  • Prior to applying for residency, investor must rent 1 apartment
  • The main applicant with dependents (spouse, parents, children…) applying for a Maltese residence card< /span>
  • The Community Malta Agency (CMA) conducts the inspection
  • After approval, investor goes to Malta (excluding children) to collect biometric data for residence card stay and receive a residence card with a period of 36 months.
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Eligible for naturalization when settling in Malta

  • The investor applies for citizenship to the CMA within 12 months from the date of issuance of the residence card, otherwise, the agency card will be revoked
  • CMA conducts an examination of the application and requests additional information and documents (if necessary) to ensure that the application is submitted. signing done properly
  • CMA application menu for the Minister to review and decide whether the candidates are eligible to apply for Maltese citizenship (applications take 120-150 days to be processed)
  • If eligible, the candidate begins the Maltese citizenship process and will receive a Letter of Approval for Maltese citizenship< /span>
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Malta citizenship

  • After 12 or 36 months from the period of residency in Malta, investors can submit their Maltese citizenship application at CMA
  • CMA reviews the application, updates the assessment with the applicant and presents it to the minister
  • Once approved by the Minister, citizenship will be granted
  • The processing time for Maltese citizenship is approximately 2-3 months from the date of approval. If citizenship is approved, the main application must meet its investment requirements, remaining obligations to begin the naturalization process.

Malta Naturalization

After completing all investment requirements, the main applicant and any dependents included in the application will be invited to visit Malta and take an oath of duties and obligations towards the government.

In principle, this oath must be completed within 6 months of the issuance of the Letter of Approval.

The applicant has Maltese nationality and is issued a Certificate of Naturalization. The names of all naturalized persons will be published annually in the Government Gazette.


CMA conducts continuous monitoring for 5 years. Investors may have their Maltese citizenship revoked if they do not comply with the requirements of the Malta immigration program.

Summary of 4 stages of Malta immigration investment as follows:

  1. Buy qualified property in Malta and apply for residency.
  2. After 12-36 months, apply for Maltese citizenship by investment, pay the assessment fee decision, submit the documents and pass through a criminal background check.
  3. After 120-150 days, the Maltese government will officially confirm whether the application is successful or not and issue eligibility for citizenship.
  4. On completion of all requirements, the investor and dependents will receive a certificate of naturalization and a Maltese passport.

Note: One of the main benefits of getting citizenship by investment in Malta instead of just getting the right residency is when you have been granted citizenship, investors will keep citizenship for life. Children of Maltese citizens also automatically inherit citizenship, which means you can give your children European citizenship. Before applying for citizenship, the applicant needs to live for 5 years out of 7 years and the last year before applying for citizenship needs to live for 12 months.

Dat Nuoc Malta


The Malta Immigrant Investor Program is a Maltese government immigration program in which the applicant invests a specified amount in a bond government or real estate, projects… to be granted a Permanent Residence card in Malta. Investors and their families will have the right to reside, stay, work, study… indefinitely in Malta and enjoy the same benefits as other European citizens when investing in Malta. After living in Malta for the period specified by the government, the investor can apply for Maltese citizenship. This is a Malta residence card investment program for four generations of a foreign family (non-EU citizen) with investment efficiency.

This is a program with absolute safety because when the immigration file is approved, the investor will make the investment.< /p>

Accompanying dependents include: Spouse, children (minor or adult without marriage, dependent on family finances). family), grandparents, parents of both parties are financially dependent on the investor.

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Co Nen Dinh Cu Nuoc Ngoai 2


Malta is the safest country in Europe and the second in the world in terms of good banking system, ranking 10th in the banking system of hedge funds. Europe.

Malta is known as a tax haven for foreign investors because it has signed “Agreement to avoid double taxation” with 76 countries and regions no inheritance tax, gift tax, net wealth tax,…

Malta is also an easy country for you to find a job with a decent salary (Malta’s average salary is around 1,500 Euros (~42). million dong)/month) and with a low cost of living.

Malta’s healthcare and education system has always been ranked at a high level in terms of quality. Besides, the cost of education is low: public education is free and the cost of education in private schools is about 72-220 million VND/year.

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Immigrating to Malta and becoming a citizen of the Republic of Malta, you will enjoy the full privileges of a permanent resident in the Schengen Area and the Union Europe, therefore, you have the right to live, travel, work, study and buy real estate (including land) in any EU country and Switzerland.

Only at a reasonable cost best among the chapters Immigration process in Europe, Malta immigration will provide permanent residence card for the whole family of 4 generations without requiring a period of stay along with the opportunity to make it easier for you and your family to access opportunities. live, study, work and enjoy full benefits in health, education… in 28 large/small countries of the European Union.

If your family has members of school age, settling in Malta will be an option worth considering, Malta will bring your children an education system according to British standards while studying in Maltese educational institutions. In addition, your child can receive developed and highly regarded education in the world while studying in the major countries of the European Union.

Le Hoi O Malta
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If you are a traveler, looking to experience new places, discover new cultures and have a great time with Your family, settling in Malta will be extremely ideal for you and your family to discover the beauty of many different countries, avoiding the hassles and costs of visas, travel expenses. , …

With a Maltese passport, you can freely travel to 184 countries including USA, Canada and Australia With simple immigration procedures, reasonable costs management in a country full of untapped opportunities, with a wide range of employment and business options.

If looking for a country where you can provide your family with a better standard of living along with world-class education and healthcare system world, then the Malta immigration program is a great choice for your family.

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  • Participants of the Malta immigration program pay a non-refundable administrative fee of EUR 40,000 (~ VND 1.2 billion).
  • Donate 2,000 EUR (~56 million VND) to an NGO.
  • Real Estate Investment (Real Estate) maintained for 5 years with 1 of 2 forms below.
  • Form 1: rent 1 property with a minimum annual price of 10,000 EUR (~ 280 million VND) in South Malta/Gozo or
    12,000 EUR (~ 336 million VND) in the Malta area.
  • Option 2: buy 1 property with a minimum value of EUR 300,000 (~ VND 8.4 billion) in South Malta/Gozo or EUR 350,000 (~ VND 9.8 billion) in the Malta area.
  • Pay the Government 28,000 EUR (~ 784 million VND) if you choose to buy real estate or 58,000 EUR (~ 1.7 billion VND) if you choose to rent real estate. If grandparents and parents come along, an additional 7,500 EUR (~ 210 million VND) per person.


  • Age 18 and up.
  • Not a citizen of the European Union (EU).
  • Good criminal record. Prove fixed assets of EUR 500,000 (~ VND 14 billion) of which EUR 150,000 (~ VND 4.2 billion) is liquid.
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Malta is an island country with excellent living conditions and favorable conditions for investors, so it is a popular location for many investors. care about. If you do not have the knowledge and experience of settling in Malta, we will give you the following note:

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Beware of attractive investment ads

If you are interested in the Malta immigration program, you must have seen ads like “Immigrate to Malta for the whole family with only 100,000 EUR”.

The amount to be spent according to those advertisements is much less than the conditions of the Malta immigration program. If you are still intrigued by such advertisements and hand your application over to those immigration agencies then you may become a victim of a Malta immigration scam. In fact, it is just a trick of fraudulent immigration consulting companies to attract customers.

Customers are often attracted by attractive numbers, sign contracts and hand over money to such immigration agencies. After many tricks, they will announce an increase in the amount of the investment of 100,000 EUR, if the customer does not have enough, he or she may lose all or part of the initial investment amount (according to the signed contract). .

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In general, false advertisements often present an attractive number to attract customers, speeding up the contract signing process between the two parties . After the contract is signed, the cost can increase 2 to 3 times.

Therefore, before deciding to choose Malta as a destination destined for investment To immigrate, you need to equip yourself with sufficient knowledge and understanding of the requirements of the Malta immigration program.

If you have difficulty learning about the requirements of the Malta immigration program or are not confident enough to prepare your own Malta immigration application , please contact EUES to receive the most dedicated advice!

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